lonely winters

28 Jan 2023

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Lonely Winters

The long cold winter nights are here,

A shroud of darkness descends.

I lay in bed all alone,

With nothing but my broken heart to mend.

The fire in the hearth has died,

Leaving only embers in its wake.

A reflection of my love,

Fading away, with nothing to take.

I try to fill the silence,

With the sound of music and song.

But they only serve to remind me,

Of the love that I knew all along.

I roam the halls of my home,

A prison of my own making.

Haunting memories linger,

Of a love that is now forsaking.

The clock ticks on, taunting me,

With each passing second of the night.

I lay here wide awake,

Wishing for the morning light.

But even as the sun rises,

The loneliness lingers still.

For in the light of day,

I am alone, and always will.

The long cold winter nights are endless,

A reflection of my grief.

And I can only dream of spring,

When the ice within me will thaw,

and bring relief.

But until then, I'll lay here,

In the darkness of my soul.

A prisoner of my own loneliness,

On these long cold winter nights, all alone.

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