Generate income the easy way: YNT cryptocurrency mining with CPUs

5 Jun 2023

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Cryptocurrency mining is an activity that can generate passive income with the use of technology. However, many people are limited by lack of resources, knowledge or time to engage in this task. Therefore, today I present YENTEN COIN, a cryptocurrency that can be mined with a common processor (CPU) and that offers several advantages for the user.

With YENTEN COIN, you can harness the power of your computer for economic benefits without investing in expensive or complicated equipment. In addition, you can save energy, space and time by mining with hardware that you already have and that does not require much configuration. YENTEN COIN is a cryptocurrency that seeks to be accessible and profitable for everyone, and that has a great potential for growth in the market.

As I commented, YENTEN COIN is a cryptocurrency that can be mined with a common processor (CPU), without the need to use specialized equipment such as ASICs or GPUs. This is because it uses the YespowerR16 algorithm, which is designed to be more efficient on the CPU than on other devices. Thus, anyone with a computer, laptop, Macbook or even a Raspberry Pi can easily mine YENTEN COIN and generate income from home.

YENTEN COIN describes itself as "the best CPU coin" and "a cryptocurrency for everyone". It aims to reach a value of $1 and list on top exchanges. Its total issuance is limited to 80 million coins, making it deflationary and potentially more valuable over time. It also has fast transactions and a secure, easy-to-use official wallet.

To start mining YENTEN COIN by CPU, one needs to download the official wallet from its website and synchronize it with the network. Then, you need to download the cpuminer-opt mining software from GitHub and configure it with the appropriate script. Finally, one should run the software and wait to receive rewards for each mined block.

Mining YENTEN COIN per CPU is a way to leverage your computer's processing power for financial gain. Moreover, by doing so, you contribute to the security and development of this cryptocurrency that seeks to be accessible and profitable for everyone.

📌 Official Yenten Wallet -

📌 Mining software:

📌 Recommended Pools:,

📌 Scripts: cpuminer-sse2.exe -a yespowerr16 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS or cpuminer.exe -a yespowerr16 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS

📌 Scripts for fast processors: cpuminer.exe -a yespower -o stratum+tcp:// WALLET_NUMBER -p c=CRP

The YespowerR16 algorithm is a variant of the Yespower algorithm, which in turn is an improved version of the Yescrypt algorithm. These algorithms are based on the proof-of-work (PoW) concept, which consists of solving complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and generate new coins. The goal of these algorithms is to be ASIC- and GPU-resistant, i.e. they cannot be mined with specialized devices that have a huge advantage over common processors.

To achieve this resistance, the YespowerR16 algorithm uses a hash function called SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm 3), which is more secure and efficient than the SHA-2 function used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, it uses a parameter called N that determines the amount of memory required to solve the problem. As the value of N increases, it becomes more difficult to mine with ASICs and GPUs, which have limited memory.

The YespowerR16 algorithm has an N value of 4096, which means it needs 4 MB of memory per processing thread. This makes mining faster and more cost-effective on the CPU, which has a built-in cache and can run multiple threads simultaneously. In contrast, ASICs and GPUs have to access slower external memory and have fewer threads available. Thus, the YespowerR16 algorithm manages to be more efficient on the CPU than on other devices, making it possible to mine YENTEN COIN with common hardware and without consuming much power.

YENTEN COIN is not the only cryptocurrency that can be mined with a common processor. There are other options on the market that also use ASIC and GPU-resistant algorithms, such as RandomX, Yespower or CPUpower. Some of these cryptocurrencies are Monero, Dogecoin, Electroneum or CPUchain.

However, not all of these cryptocurrencies have the same performance and profitability when mining them with CPU. This depends on several factors, such as network difficulty, block reward, coin price, power consumption and processor hashrate.

According to the website , which offers a CPU mining calculator, here is some estimated data on the performance and profitability of mining YENTEN COIN and other cryptocurrencies only for CPUs with an Intel Core i7-8700K processor (6 cores, 12 threads, 3.7 GHz) as of June 4, 2023:

As can be seen, the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with this processor is Monero, followed by YENTEN COIN. The other three options generate losses due to the low price of the coin and high energy consumption1. These data may vary depending on the type of processor, the price of electricity and market conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to use a CPU mining calculator for the most accurate and up-to-date results.


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This sounds interesting - generating a passive income without having to really do to much sounds to good to be true, but interested to do some research.
This is as innovative an idea can get and mining with GPU will be cost efficient
Minima is another project that is looking to do the same thing as goes decentralising mining It's premise is you can run a full node on a smart phone. It's not the first time we've seen this idea. A while back HTC released a phone that hosted a Bitcoin node (albeit a pretty light implementation)
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This is actually amazing and could seem to change a whole lot