my family is very big family and my story

9 Feb 2024

matty is a good fisher he always catching fishes and crabs wonder why no crab nip he hand off yet im not the fishing expert but he is a house builder to and he own a jetski sometime i go on it if im lucky or get choclate milk from him that my sister boyfriend my sister name that boy friend with this guy is courty i glad your boyfriends still and shannon and beau to shannon have kids to handle next year she will have some free time to the self because all th ekids will be going to school all of them so she will have for sure some free time to her self next year she got good kids like a 4 and 5 age kids and also a grade 10 boy aira 4 and and lexi 5 and tyler in grade 10 there all good kids i love them very much so lexi in prep she learning very fast soon she will be able to read soon i hope i have a very big family and good friends to im lucky frogo marryied my mum some time he give me more than 3 cans a day if im lucky the most aday i get 2 frogo is my step dad i when to mums and frogo wedding it was very cool im glad they like each other

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