My creed

4 Jan 2023

Let me stay in the present.
I want to feel everything I can.
Let me enjoy life to the fullest extent of who I am.

Allow me to see well enough to see what is in front of me.
And without hesitation or fear, I must face what is there waiting for me.

I pray that I will always be grateful no matter what happens in the day.
and never cease to be in awe of the world around me.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to any strangers.
And I'll always fight for what's right with everything I've got.

Permit me to pardon my own transgressions while also pardoning others'.
And never lose interest; instead, make an effort to show concern.

Please remind me to live each precious moment with kindness and love so that I don't lose what's important in the grand scheme of things.

For the time being, the here and now is everything.
I shall therefore voluntarily embrace it and hold onto it.

Because everything happens so quickly and we only get one shot,
And a life of missed opportunities
is a life that is full of regrets.

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