Best Browser Extension Crypto Wallets

19 Oct 2022

There are two sorts of cryptocurrency wallets: hot and cold. Browser extension wallets are becoming increasingly popular among hot wallets since they are simple to use and do not require the installation of any software.

Here some top crypto extensions:

1) Phantom: Phantom is a wallet browser plugin that works with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. It is a wallet that, like Metamask, is accessed via a browser plugin and is used to engage with DApps. Phantom is similar to Metamask in terms of security, as it uses a password to secure the wallet and a 12-word recovery key to back up the wallet.

2) Metamask: MetaMask is a browser extension that allows you to access Ethereum-enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps".  The addon injects the Ethereum web3 API into the javascript context of every website, allowing dapps to read from the blockchain.

3) BlockWallet: Connect your favorite DApps to the BlockWallet browser extension. With confidence, trade, deposit, lend, and farm. Find out more Save yourself the trouble. Quickly add networks. Stop manually adding network.


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Blockwallet works just fine for me because of its ability to make transactions private. You all should check it out. The project has mind blowing usecases.
For me, the Phantom wallet is the best on the Solana blockchain. I stopped using due to personal reasons tho, though it is also good.
I will always pick MetaMask, anytime any day. It is just really flexible for users. It ability to allow you add new networks both for testnet and mainnet is amazing.
I will go with @Ceetada , i love using metamask for my transactions. I feel personally , its like the best crypto wallet out there. And it is really compatible too.
Metamask is the best option for me since it offers a synchronization function that allows you to sync the browser extension and mobile app to run only one wallet on your browser or mobile device.