The autobiography of Mama.(shipaai).

22 Oct 2022

Wanted to talk to you for ages; But to stay. Don't worry, I'm not a preacher. I am a soldier in your school, Appa. You are in such a hurry at school that you never get a chance to talk, hence this letter. I have nothing to say about your studies. I sometimes listen to what your teacher is teaching through the window, with my ears. All this was left in childhood. The home situation was not like sitting in school full time; But you are lucky. Every day new things fall on the ears. To tell you the truth, I find your parents who occasionally come to school more worried; But don't worry too much. Worry only makes the wrinkles on the forehead grow, not the marks. anyway.The reason for writing the letter is that next year you will go to college after finishing school. A reminder that the time will come for you to decide what to do in life. Every year Teacher's Day is celebrated in our school. Everyone wants to be a headmaster or a teacher; But very few children want to become soldiers. You don't have to be a soldier; But don't you believe that even as a soldier, good work can be done, we can deserve praise? One thing I know is that whatever work is done, it should be done by people. The work is not small. Now look at the charger itself. What is the use of a mobile without a charger? A nurse is just as important as a doctor. You see whether it is the cricket captain Virat Kohli or Dhoni, the one who takes care of the pitch on the field is more important. Because the pitch plays a huge role in deciding the match. Orissa who make sculptures in beach sand.Rashan Patnaik is famous all over the country. A lot of people are seen playing the clarinet while sitting in the wedding procession; But Smallah Khan played the sanai with such passion that it became popular all over the world. What matters is not what you do, but how much you do it. I understand that you won't see dust on any of our books because I work there. I am not saying that you should do something like this; But I think what you do should be the best in the world.I know you all want to be doctors or engineers; But sometimes I think, if everyone becomes a doctor, who will be left as a patient in the world? Why would everyone be injecting each other? As there is no alternative, many do other work; But I think you should do something else. I have seen you fluttering like butterflies. At least one of you should study the beautiful life of butterflies. The window was closed for a long time because there was a swarm of bees outside your door; But now open the window. Look at those bees. We can't even make a perfect house like they make a hive. Even if you see how hard they work to collect honey, you will know the value of hard work and fun..There is a man in Mumbai who visits people's homes every week. Although not recognized. And what he does is check whether the taps of basins and bathrooms are leaking in people's houses. His work alone has saved lakhs of liters of water over the years, which used to go to waste due to faulty taps. Saving the wasted drops of water is as important as wiping the water from the eyes of a sad person. A boy kept his birthday money and you know what he did? The children in the slum had to cross the stream on a flimsy wooden bridge. He gave his money from his birthday money to build a concrete bridge for those children.There is so much to do around us. Even if one person plants ten trees, the picture of this country will change. India will be the most natural country in the world, because the population of our country is more than 500 million. Think trees times ten. The problem is, we now have many names of cartoons; But if you ask the names of trees, even ten trees are not known, same in the case of birds. Crow, pigeon, pani and eagle to name a few, even the surrounding birds are unrecognizable. Flowers also have five spines. The pages in the book contain food for the head.The leaves of the tree have the power to keep the tree alive. Both pages are important. Both should be seen with love. No matter how big people grow, their shadow is of no use to anyone; But if the trees grow, their shade is useful for many generations. How many bushes are around your house is more important than what car is in front of your house. If you want to show off how rich you are, a car is essential; But if you want to show how rich your country is, a bush is essential. Millions of children who are obsessed with trees are needed.People dream of earning a lot of money and going to another country to see nature; But our country needs people who enrich nature. Many of you will be going abroad. At least one of you should be seen singing at the Sawai Gandharva festival. If you come first in the exam, your name will be on the wall of the school; But a book written by one of you should appear in your school library. You're going to the world's biggest hotels; But I want to come and eat hurda in the field of at least one of you. Our ancestors made Verul Ajantha. People from all over the world come to watch. I am sure you will come up with something new and magnificent.I have told all this because I have seen you very closely. Your teachers have seen you sittingin the classroom disciplined; But I have seen you messing around in the field. Everyone would say seeing your confusion.We have never seen such children; But I was not angry. When you grow up, the world must say, "Oh boy, we haven'.Just be happy as you are now. Ask the world, how many marks did you get in school? But I will tell the world how good you are. I have seen you rioting, on the field, in social gatherings, in hostels living like this. These moments cannot be regained. These points cannot be redeemed. Former President Dr. A. P. J. No one knows how old Abdul Kalam was in class 10; But the whole world knows what an ideal person he was. What matters is life and how you live. How you look at the world matters. Who will have more marks in class 10 and who will have less marks; But whatever you do in life, you will be who you are. I believe in our self.

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