Hello little one

2 Jun 2023

This letter is intended to help you get ready for life.
Your parents are both gorgeous and diligent workers.
Several aunts who want to spoil you terribly and grandparents who are eager to have their first youngster
But you still have a long way to go.
Expect many victories and a few setbacks.
But your family will be there no matter what happens.
This chaotic world is full with unexpected occurrences.
You will witness and encounter many unexpected things throughout your lifetime.
Expectations will sometimes overwhelm you; just take each day as it comes.
From your first grin to your first crush, there will be many firsts.

There will be good times and bad times, but your family will always be there to support you through them all since they love you and care about you the most.
Whether you are Daddy's little one or Mommy's angel, your parents will always be there for you.
We've all experienced moments when we felt that our parents had no understanding what we were going through.
There will be times when you feel like everyone is against you, but we're only trying to prevent you from making the same mistakes we did.

When you reflect about everything, you'll see that your parents were correct.
I can attest firsthand to how frightening it feels.
I wish you well in all that you do.
Reach for the stars and follow your ambitions.
But keep in mind your origins at all times.
Take it from me as well: If they believe you cannot return home, they obviously don't know our family.
The path always goes back home in this family.
Little one, welcome back!
We had awaited this day for a while.
Are you prepared for the tumultuo
us journey that is life?

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Great, funny reading.