Redstone, the Oracle

19 Apr 2024

Hello, I will write a brief thread for one of my weekly routines, the project Redstone.

Discord roles or Zealy experiences are one of the methods where you can earn money by spending your time, not your money.

Redstone, PythNetwork, and similar oracle projects allow you to obtain special roles through Zealy tasks, which will bring rewards along with them.

As a result of Zealy tasks, you can obtain roles such as:

  • Vein Master
  • Rock Breaker.

Obtaining the Rock Breaker role is easy; it can be easily obtained within 2-3 weeks. It's not difficult to anticipate that there will be special drops for these roles.
Moreover, if you have time, you can also earn RSG points by messaging on Discord. It's not hard to imagine that these RSG points will be converted into tokens.
You can see the details on

This thread is a part of the weekly Zealy tasks.

You can join from here:

By completing this week's tasks, I will obtain the Rock Breaker role, which will activate other tasks as well. This will enable me to earn an income by dedicating just 20 minutes per week. It's ideal for friends who have time but not money.


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