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14 May 2023

To those who relate to the sufferings of the society, centuries Fences don't block. Those words are not curvy and private pains are not echoing! They challenge the sufferings around them. It brightens the sad nights and dark hearts of this society. Such a worshipable personality like the Lord is our social reformer. One such venerable social reformer was born in Marathi soil, who today has become the jewel not only of Maharashtra but of the world and that is Baba Amte! His real name is Muralidhar Devidas Amte.

He was born on 26th December 1914 in Hinganghat in the family of a hard working landlord. In 1949, he completed his course in Epidemiology at the School of Tropical Diseases. In 1950, he established 'Maharogi Seva Samiti'. The moment Baba realized that he had 'unbounded wings', destiny brought before him, like a question paper in an exam, the plague patient stuck in the gutter, the moment the plague patient's wounds on his body are easy to heal with modern treatments, but the wounds inflicted on his mind must be awakened to complete healing. , Babasaheb correctly recognized this. 'Anandavana' of Chandrapur district was born out of the experiences and thoughts while doing this work.

Seeing his attempt to create a mighty personality out of a ruined human being, learned people from abroad are helping him with great affection. The first foreign help for Anandavan was from actress Norma Shear! Gandhi gave him the title 'Abhay Sadhak'. They didn't just stop at Anandavan, it was a stage on their way. Today, while the Khalistani people are saying 'Bharat Todo', they took out the 'Bharat Jodo' Padayatra to keep the unity and integrity of the country intact. Another beautiful effort of his for social reform is his poems 'Jwala and Phule', 'Karuneche Kalam'! It is the fruit of their solitary means. It is an abstract call to the youth of today. Addressing minds afflicted by laziness, theism, anti-sociality, complacency and insensitivity, Baba said at the Inter-Bharati Shram Sanskar camp at Somnath, 'Mann ka kushta sharir ke kushtse paksh bhasik hota hai.' Baba insists that this world and life, given to us to blossom and enjoy, nature can give us with infinite hands, but the Indian must accept the challenge of satisfying it. The wish of a fan like me is that the dream of this social reformer, my favorite, should come true! Therefore, I want to say about Baba, whoever is angry, say, "Whoever knows that sadhu, God is there." Autobiography of a Patriot "My countrymen! I am fully aware that today you celebrate 'Martyrs' Day' only formally. At eleven o'clock the gong was rung and you remembered us for a minute. Some did not even do that. Because they realized what the gongs were for. No. My countrymen, why have you become so cruel? Oh, you have forgotten even the memory of those who sacrificed their lives, sacrificed their souls for the freedom of this country, why have you become so ungrateful?

"If we have to give a name to the present age, I think it has to be called selfish age. Today's man thinks only of himself, only of 'I'. In our age this 'I' did not even exist, everyone was overwhelmed by one thought and that thought is All of us were in a state of mind to achieve 'national independence', to break the chains of slavery, with one star in front and one burning coal underfoot. All of us patriots knew that the path of the freedom struggle was very difficult. This 'variety of sati' was not imposed on us by anyone, but we accepted it on our own. . We were fully aware of all the sorrows and troubles that lay ahead at that time. However, we set out this way. Because - 'The threads of fame and love could not bind us. "This vow of patriotism was given to us by the people. Mahatmaji took the vow of non-violence and we took this vow. Even though the foreign brutal government fired bullets, we opened our chests for it. The order to 'go' was too much for the foreign government, they oppressed. The coercion reached its climax, all the leaders were arrested. The government thought that the movement would die down if the leaders were jailed. But the result was the opposite. The whole country was on fire. Men and women, small and large, all joined the freedom struggle. Everyone followed their own path. So where is the non-violent movement? Somewhere it became violent. The government was completely crushed. But the government did not do anything in front of the patriots who risked their lives. "Indians, what can I tell you! The next seven years were just chants. The feeling of patriotism spread everywhere in the country. There was no discrimination between rich and poor, superior and inferior, religion, creed, caste, touchable and untouchable. All knew one thing that , we are Indians and our first duty is to make our country independent. For that thousands accepted rigorous imprisonment and endured harsh punishments. But Hoon Ki Choo did not do it.

So, on the day of independence, everyone was happy that their lives were blessed. All of them were dreaming of a self-governing state. But..... now forty years later that dream seems shattered. Today, there is no more patriotism, honesty before the competition for power. For selfishness, a person commits a sin. The hearts of our patriots and martyrs are breaking to see that the embers of corruption have been overcome. So we appeal to you. Arise, awake, and resolve to assert your freedom!"

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