What Does Solana's Do-to-earn ecosystem look like a year from now?

10 Nov 2023

Anything you want to do on social media but also wants to earn crypto as rewards will fall in Do-To-Earn category. Earning crypto while doing favourite activities on Blockchain social media is called D2E ecosystem.

Lot of projects/ Blockchain systems offering such rewarding opportunity like BCH and ETH. BCH getting acceleration by dotCash site ( read cash , noise cash , memo cash , cashrain, bchgames and bitgree) where users are getting crypto in rewards while they have writing, gaming, engaging and walking.

Most sparking, dynamic visionary and futuristic D2E system carried by Solana Blockchain. Without any doubt Solana is best and fastest Blockchain with capability of staggering 65000 transactions per second. Mind blowing figure, 65K/ TPS is not a joke. It is proof that Solana can perform a transaction before eye blinked. Solana has all the potential, capability and required speed which any online gamer wants with all the scalebility.

If we look currently a huge versatile projects running on Solana Blockchain. We can rule out in different categories like ,

  • Play to earn.
  • Run to earn.
  • DeFi and earn
  • Engagement and earn.
  • Governance and earn.
  • Watch and earn

Play to earn.
If we look into details , we can know that P2E is biggest portion on Blockchains. Millions of users Around the globe are linked in play to earn. Gaming becomes a hot cake and mini industry for gamers especially after COVID-19 pandemic a huge traffic seen on these site.
Lot of P2E games are available on Solana Blockchain and huge number of users from all parts , nationality and tribes are part of it. Here are some fabulous names ,

DeFi Land.
DeFi Land is agri base multichain game which is much easier and simple. This game running on Solana Blockchain with its own rewarding token DFL. The DFL can be used in buying levels, stacking for passive income, swap to SOL etc.

Another short game featuring project on Solana Blockchain. SolaJump has around 2.5K active users. This game integrated as P2E with SolaJumper NFT. These unique NFTs are sellable on opensea forum with best floor price in SOL.

LadderCaster is thirty level game where on each level achievement player earn LADA tokens and on completing each 5 levels he gets a unique NFT. These LADA tokens are used in level up and can be converted into SOL as well.

R2E on Solana.
R2E basically stands on our body movement. Like walk , run and gym activities. It is outstanding opportunity for those who loves to walk. They can earn crypto along side with their body fitness. STEPN is most famous move- to- earn project on Solana Blockchain. It offers its native token GMT to runners. It never required big set up , just pick the STEPN from playstore , put credentials and link to your wallet.

E2E ( Engage and earn).
Personally I love this part of earnings. It is all about our engagement on different sites and getting rewards against our engagement. Two biggest examples are ,
It is content writing/ blogging platform where users are earning it's native token Bulb by posting articles, commenting and upvoting. BULB platform growing rapidly as it's users touching to 2.3K number with massive speed of engagement. Although Bulb still not listed on any CEXs but still we can use it for buying energy, NFTs and can give tipping to other users. According to road map bulb will be available for trade in Q1 2024.
Gari is another social platform on Solana Blockchain which paying their users in GARI Tokens. Gari is Hindi name and it has almost all the users from subcontinent especially India.

What Does Solana's D2E ecosystem look like a year from now?

Well, it is interesting debate and predictions that where Solana ecosystem will be after a year from now. What are currently stats and trend we have , we can assume it's productivity and aggressive growth in a year. As technology growing and web3 technology becoming part of every digital fate , we can travel more faster the distance then past so what we have now ,

  • Opportunities are growing rapidly
  • Inventions rising around.
  • Engagement increasing gradually.
  • Play -to- earn becoming fashion.
  • Work from home is trending.
  • Consciousness about fitness getting wings.
  • Users data incredibly increasing.

So what I have expectations in this year and what opportunities I am imagining now on Solana Blockchain are,

  • More platforms in all categories will rise especially after BTC halving.
  • More strong communities will build which will carry SOL to new heights.
  • More users will join on these and new emerged platforms which definitely will increase the transactions count on Solana Blockchain.
  • Share to earn projects will come into existence like cashrain on BCH chain. Where people will get SOL on sharing the contents on other social media, subscribe to their workplace like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram. We are missing such place on Solana Blockchain and expectedly in coming year such sites will be there.

Final Thoughts.
I am looking coming year as endless Opportunities and possibilities on Solana Blockchain in terms of D2E ecosystem services and products. A significant, modern and prideful advancements which will match the requirements of our next generation with web3 solutions.

That's all for today. like , thumb up to Wow and leave comments for feedback.

I am a student of crypto world so if you found some mistakes, ignore it generously.


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