Are you a creator or a cog?

13 Feb 2024

Are you a creator or a cog?
By Kevin Geiger | Monday, November 13, 2023 at 11:57am
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Dagnabbit! Seems like we couldn’t enjoy the end of the actor’s strike for a single day before Jeffrey Katzenberg lobbed one of his patented incendiary grenades.
Predictably, Jeffrey’s comments about the efficiencies of AI production produced a reactionary sh!t storm among the corporate artisans in Hollywood’s animation community.
To my feather-ruffled Burbank brothers and sisters, I humbly suggest with the best intentions: if the prospect of AI making things faster and cheaper scares you, you may want to reflect upon your vocation and your vision. In short…
Are you a CREATOR or a COG?
If you're thinking like a cog, Jeffrey’s observation sounds like bad news. But if you're thinking like a creator, it's GREAT news. A 90% reduction in animation costs is a dream come true for creators.
Annoyed with executive meddling? GOOD NEWS: now there's no excuse NOT to make that animated feature or series you've always wanted to see, undiluted by MBA input. With AI, we have a transformative technology at our fingertips that enables us to work on our own terms and create the wonders we’ve always known were possible.
LET’S DO THAT instead of whining about the disruption of cushy corporate gigs which frankly do NOTHING to advance animation’s true potential. Let’s DISRUPT this broken system.
…an innovative, independent animated feature film developed and produced by a small team of Disney veterans with AI that subsequently becomes the #1 release on Disney+.
…college courses taught by Hollywood veterans where students use AI workflows to create an animated feature film within two years (Year One: Development, Year Two: Production).
…corporate executives and school administrators sh!tting themselves in response to the above, just before security shows up to help them pack their personal belongings.
Sound impossible? Then you’re not paying attention.
There’s a revolution afoot. We’re on the verge of an innovative new era of high quality, grassroots animated content. There’s never been a better time to be a creator with a vision. Katzenberg and his ilk are mere spectators.
For your consideration…
You’re MORE than your job.
You’re a CREATOR, not a cog.
AI is a genie in YOUR lamp.
SHOW THE WORLD what you can do!
And remember… I’m WITH you.
Kevin is the author of AWN's Reality Bites blog, his musings on the art, technology and business of immersive media (AR, VR, MR) and AI. You can find Kevin's website at and he can be reached at
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Kevin Geiger has over three decades of experience in the arts & entertainment, including 15 years with The Walt Disney Company in Burbank and Beijing as an animation supervisor and creative executive. Kevin was an instructor at Cal Arts, Distinguished Professor & Acting Vice Dean of the Beijing Film Academy’s Digital Media School, Executive Director of the Beijing Film Academy’s International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center, and a Professor at Taipei National University of the Arts.
Kevin has developed animated features & immersive media as a founding Partner of Magic Dumpling Entertainment, creates children’s books as the Founder of Peewee Frog, and works in real-time animation & virtual production as the Head of Production at tellretell.
You can find Kevin’s website at and he can be reached at sends e-mail)
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