Welcome to OBT Season 2

12 Mar 2024

Start — March 13, 2024, 05:00 UTC End - TBA(expected to last more than a month)

Important Action Required: Update your OverWallet and install OverNode. Complete Community Quests. Participate in Palm-stake (OverWallet, Mobile), Home-stake (OverNode, PC), or both. What do you want to know: If you are an active OverWallet user, you can receive a small amount of Grant (Test Tokens) every 24 hours from the newly updated OverWallet after the testnet launch. Use this for Palm-stake or Home-stake. Users with more than a certain number of points will receive additional Bonus Grants, sufficient to participate in Home-staking instantly. Point criteria will be announced at the start of the testnet.

🚨 If an account is found to be using bots or engaging in malicious behavior, no grant will be received. This testnet is expected to last more than a month. So even if you haven't received the Bonus Grant, please continue collecting Daily Grants and participate in Home-Stake and Palm-Stake! Note: You can use OverWallet and OverNode to send tokens, so it's okay to get a token from a friend and use it. Please make sure you know the timing of the events listed below. March 13, 2024, 05:00 UTC You can update to the new OverWallet. Open the OverWallet app and continue updating. March 14, 2024, 05:00 UTC You can download the OverNode application for this testnet from the OverNode website. If the previous OBT#1 OverNode is installed, it will be updated. If the update does not occur, please download it directly from the website. Palm betting and House betting will be opened. Staking may take a long time to complete if a large number of people flock at the same time. The most important thing! Attention! OverWallet's Recovery Key and OverNode's authenticator recovery phrase are completely different. If you lose them we can't help you get them back. Make sure you keep both safe. What is OverProtocol? A blockchain network dedicated to fostering a truly decentralized ecosystem that allows anyone to serve as a validator. Leveraging 'Ethanos', an innovative node optimization technology, it allows individuals to run full nodes from their home desktops. Acting with the vision of decentralization, OverProtocol aims to put the power of a new internet directly into your hands. Mobile crypto wallet app that acts as a gateway to OverProtocol. Ahead of the mainnet launch, the wallet is educating users about OverProtocol and blockchain technology and offering rewards that can be redeemed on OverProtocol upon launch. With over 5 million registered accounts and over 1 million daily users, OverWallet is at the forefront of building a robust community around OverProtocol. OverProtocol Node client designed to help users run OverProtocol nodes on their personal computers. Featuring an intuitive UX/UI, OverNode allows anyone to seamlessly become a validator for OverProtocol, without requiring a computer science background. Its official launch is planned for the first half of 2024. Still lonely? Hang out with us! Feel free to tag X, @overprotocol Discord, Chat, Chat, Chat… Open 24 hours. Youtube will steal 1 minute of your time. Let's visualize the future of Instagram, OverProtoco

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