Community Management 101

9 Feb 2024

How to revive a dying Community:
You brand could have 50,000 community members and a revenue of $5,000/mth from them.

Another brand has just 10,000 community members and generates a revenue of $10,000/mth from them.

What is it that they're doing different?🤔
I've gathered a few strategies for you to keep your community engaged.

They're strategies I have personally carried out and experienced the results. 

Let's get started. 

📍Games and quests: Of course, make sure you have prizes. 

It doesn't always have to be monetary. Could be access to a course, for example. 

📍Quizzes: These are similar to games. 

But you could make it structured. Like a formal exam.

📍Giveaways: I would not advise that you use giveaways everytime, because the community members will only be there for the gifts then.

And sooner or later, it won't be so important to them anymore. 

If your customers are high-end clients, of course, giveaways will most likely be futile.

📍Community moderators and bots:

Certain web 3 platforms offer bots that answer issues and attend to concerns automatically.

If you can, integrate such bots. They would save you a lot of time and boost your community's presence. 

And for the community moderators you hire, manage their activities in such a way that there's always someone available to answer questions.

Your community members will most likely be a global audience, with different time zones.

You should hire different moderators for different times of the day for ease.

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