A Paradox

7 Aug 2022

Anne walked hurriedly down the sidewalks 
She brimmed with enthusiasm, it may have been the blandest day of the week but it didn’t seem to deter her excitement. 
Two corners away was her fiancé’s flat 
She couldn’t wait to waltz into his flat and give him the good news 
How lucky could one get, she mused, all she ever wished for, seems like she had a genie granting her special favors 
Just one corner away and she was literally skipping away, suddenly she felt foggy and her body lagged, and she felt from a distance her body being pulled into a body bag 
Guess we’ll never know what she intended go tell him…

Kane on the other hand laid on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling thinking of ways to tell Anne he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore, he fiddled with the ring box and toyed with the idea of getting the ring back as it was insanely and outrageously expensive. Will that make him a bad person? Between breaking Anne’s heart and getting back the ring, his thought was on the ring, he needed the money and he needed it fast, his new play thing was intriguing and he wanted to enjoy her, but he couldn’t without money. Now where was Anne? What was taking her so long? 

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MBA ChitChat
Poor Anne, more and longer please.
How one is so excited and committed and the other just wants to get away. Sad