Health is Wealth.

19 Sept 2022

A lot of times we tend to take good health for granted. It is only when we fall ill that we get to appreciate good health. Most people say that it is better to be broke and be In perfect health than to be wealthy but not healthy.
When you visit the hospital and see the kinds of health challenges people go through, you’ll be so grateful for being in good health. People go through a lot of pains and suffering to just survive, as a result of poor health. Some don’t still survive even after spending a lot of money on their health. At this point, “even your wealth can’t safe your health.”
Think about it. It is very deep.
In our daily lives, we’ll all pray for good health so as to be able to keep pushing. Bad health can render someone so useless and cripples you because at this point, you can’t do anything and also you need an intensive care.
I always pray that in my hustle for a better life, good health should remain intact for me. It can be so hurting that after your struggles to the top, you don’t have the good health to enjoy what you’ve been laboring for.

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