Stepn Worst Update + BAYC dump 😱

3 Jun 2022

💥 Stepn introduces its anti-cheating model — "SMAC"

◾Stepn introduces its latest model for anti-cheating named SMAC which specifically targets the movement simulation by amending real walking/running data.

◾If the SMAC System detects an anomaly, the user will be flagged as cheating and all the rewards for the session will be erased.

◾The platform may further limit the user’s in-app functions including longer cooldown for shoe-minting, inaccessibility to the in-app marketplace, slow down on energy refill and some more.

This means now it will be hard to earn and this update will now dump the stepn shoes floor but value of GST may pump .

🇯🇵 Japan passes Stablecoin Bill to support investors' protection

◾Japan became one of the first major economies to introduce a legal framework around stablecoins.

◾The parliament passed a bill that clarified the legal status of stablecoins, defining them essentially as digital money adding that they must be linked to the yen or another legal tender.

◾The legal definition effectively means stablecoins can only be issued by licensed banks, registered money transfer agents and trust companies.

➡️ 🔻Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) value drops by 60% in May

◾The NFT collection ended May with a trading price of $152,658.

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