Countries most interested in Web3 Gaming

22 May 2023

Web3 is gaining momentum as the need to own your data and privacy take priority. The reward model of value for value that Web3 brings will definitely revolutionalize the industry. Tradition systems will be for force by its users to implement Web3 functionalities and blockchain variety will be used to test fast transactions to low-cost fees.

Web3 gaming is where the next generation of gamers will be built. These are the people that will spark the usage of tokenized platforms, where their attention and skillset of playing digital games will come with a reward that had to fun these games bring.

A lot of development is still in the works as this is still a new field but corrected and updated solutions are in the works too. Skills needed to grow this part of the industry are highly sorted since the growth in studies of Web3 careers.

The users of Web3 games are growing within countries with high unemployment rates as a smartphone and the internet will set you to work. One country that has always led in the category has always been Philippines and Nigeria has shown exponential growth in usage to come runner-up.

Given time, more countries will challenge the Phillipines for the top spot but till they do, let's watch the streak they are willing to take to always be on top.

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