I have a master

17 Feb 2023

I have a master of the wicked variety.
My body, soul, and mind are entirely under his control.
He was pleasant and enjoyable at first, but I quickly became his idiot.
He quickly took my life, leaving me a helpless victim.
He is so cunning and dishonest.
Why did we ever need to meet?
I am someone I despise because of my master.
I once had a life, and it was wonderful.
All I do these days is cheat and lie, then I lie in bed hoping to die.
I still can't for any reason leave my lord.
He is powerful and never relinquishes authority.
As I wake up, I immediately turn to him.
Can't get rid of him, not even for my kids.

Before my master took me as his wife, I was a lovely, caring person who loved life.
I don't look like the type, everyone says.
They can't image me smoking a pipe while I'm shut in my room.
I used to be a gorgeous girl from the South, but now my mouth is empty and my teeth are decaying.
"You'll never stay clean," says my lord, "because you love me too much to be content and happy."
He enjoys the fact that I don't even attempt and that I cry horribly.
Really, I'm already a shell; I'm already dead.
My master gave me an absolutely miserable life.

I have a master who is very wicked.
All nice left when he arrived.
He has no regard for age, gender, or religion.
He only looks for his next prey.
I hope you'll never run into my master.
If your paths do intersect, take off running.
He goes by Meth, Crystal, or Ice just in case, and I'm pleading with you to heed my counsel.
Nobody ought to be forced to submit to this Master of agony and humiliation.
This is your life, not a game, so believe me!
No matter how unbearably difficult life seems right now, don't ever try to know this dark demon because nothing good will ever come of it.
My spirit was broken when my master kidnapped me.
Don't meet him, just avoid hearing about him.

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