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22 Oct 2022

Twenty One Commandments of Long Life:

1. Run away from Red meats. 

2. Embrace cooked egg, fish and fresh poultry meat.             
3. Run away from catfish. 

4. Run away from micro-wave food. 

5. Run away from alcohol.

6. Run away from smoking .

7. Run away from multiple sex partners.

8. Run away from hydrogenated oil.

9. Run away from carbonated soft drinks.

10. Run away from public toilet.

11. Run away from can-drink and can-food.

12. Run away from Imported fruits.

13. Engage in sexual intercourse from time to time, with ur husband/wife.

14. Run away from fruit juice.

15. You must always sleep for complete eight hours everyday.

16. Engage in fruit-fasting at least once in every two weeks (one day or 3 days).

17. Say yes to original honey and no to sugar.

18. Embrace fresh vegetables 

19. Always monitor/check your blood pressure and check your blood sugar level.

20. Exercise 30mins everyday, at least walk briskly for 30mins everyday if age is not on your side. Do not sit for 2hrs without getting up to walk around. 

21. Avoid malice, grudges and unforgiving attitudes. Work where you want, the jobs you like. Try and be with company that make you happy.

Remember that, untimely death will affect your family negatively, because nobody will take care of your children like you. Therefore, endeavour to properly take care of your health, so as to take care of your family!

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Make sure to take 20-30 minutes daily to workout. Believe me, with this you can not only keep the body fit but also increase your age by many years.