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12 May 2023

It is true that the brother got married late. His wife advised him to spend the night in his '10 by 10' room instead of spending the night on a bed sheet in a hotel and he could afford it. He was the only one who got married late in all his friends' families. Ever since he came of age, his workaholic behavior was changing. Now he got a companion even at the age of debarring Anand could be seen in full bloom on his face. The open-minded brother used to tell all his stories in a funny manner in the circle of friends and now the Loveratri "Kya Hua!" He was going to tell the report in the circle of friends, so the circle of friends was also happy.

The brother's real name is 'Gajabhau' but at home everyone called him 'Bhau' but in our circle of friends we never had a trace of the brother's brother like Gopal's Sagiya, Bandu's Bandya, Suresh's Surya. The only lake of Bhavda Ladakoda, then he used to be very pampered. He is loved by his uncle, uncle and aunt. They even fed him under the sores on his hands. Bhavdya was smart in studies, good in sports, quick to talk but mischievous but also, the king of entertainment. After drawing aside the curtain of the suite and entering the room, he observed that the thick cloth screen on the window was closed, and after fitting the newly fitted hinges on the door, for from the gallery of the block in front he could clearly see the movement of the brother through that window. Seemed So the window curtain was made of double cloth. The bride was sitting on the cot like a scene from Kaveri Kau Suhagarat. Bhavda was standing. What should someone do, when and how! It was true that both of them should have thought about this. Friends had made brothers brothers; But because of his position in business, shopkeeping and employment, he was famous as Bhavdya Bhaurao. The nameplate 'Bhaurao Khashaba Bhatke' was hanging on his door. 'BA' was written on it. Bhaurao sat next to her and she questioned. "Is this your first time?" Bhaurao thought. In his dreams, he was faced with several nights of games with the dream queen. But he replied, "Yes... Yes..." "Do you mean the first time?" She replied, "Nothing like that. simply asked. Sometimes experience helps." And Bhaurao stopped what he was doing and suddenly asked, "So, have you had any experience?" She moved aside her shawl and said, "Dear Bhaurao, in my bio-data I have clearly written, I have been married three times and am a virgin. I called you after reading your growing age, wasting youth, your choices. I am married. I underlined that you liked me so as not to waste your staunch celibacy." Bhaurao felt suffocated and said, "Hey, Kumarika Bai! I have not remained single because of any sarcasm or fault. The girls came after telling me three times. Yes, but because of the unnecessary stubbornness of the people of the house, they refused, had to give. The first girl was sixteen to twenty years old, the girl was cultured, polite, fair-skinned but a little short in height. I liked it, but my mother said, what is the use of this cucumber kid! Will she be able to weed four trees, draw water from the well, bake bread in the court house? And the mother refused. The thing is over. Another good tall, convenient, teaching children. But she used to use English words in sentences. She said now my brother, younger brother is eight years old. But so lovely, Tyan He saw their photograph and said, so cute and my mother, uncle, father, sister, even our neighbor also liked it. Bhaurao said that the time would come for both of us to come closer. But our uncle came in between. He told my father in a meeting at home.

We are Marathi people, Marathmoli is our culture. This madam who speaks English. Foreign kingdom will be in your house. And what refused. Tatya said, the girl looks older." "And why did you refuse the third time?" The bridegroom asked, "What shall I say about the third daughter?" She was such a sweet talker. Salas, Godas, Smitavadni, Tila Abhang, Gnanobala, Tukarama's Haripath of Eknath. Devdarshan, temple goer. Ah, the eighteen chapters of the Gita were revealed to her." "Then why was it rejected?" Cow said. "What can I say, Bhaurao said sadly," "Now the snake of dowry came out of my father's mouth. Where would the girl's father, who lives on a small piece of farm, give a cash dowry of twenty five thousand rupees! They said, Tatya, mortgage my farm Take a baby shower with you too. But Tatya refused saying that I don't want to get married, I don't want dowry and I don't want goons. So I am a three-time unmarried Kumar Brahmachari. But a new rift arose in the society. People started saying, what Bhaurao, his parents are really wasteful people. Three good girls were rejected for no reason. No one should go to him now. Let's see which nymphs they bring? And the inquiry about me was closed. The year began to pass. Finally I placed an ad with my photo as a bride wanted in that magazine. In that, even though my age is 35, those fools reversed it and wrote 53 and made me feel bad. Still, your phone call came and your marriage took place. But I did not read that you had three marriages." Then the bride-to-be revealed. "Hey, it was written in the fine print below my resume.

Part 2

The following text should be read at the top of the previous page and I disclosed about my marriage. Special information, it has been separated three times." "Bapare!" So Bhaurao shouted. "Shit! it's you I accepted you after reading other information. So I didn't bother to turn the page." But "can I ask one now?" Kaun said, "Yes! Ask and I will answer." Bhaurao ate a little. "Look, don't feel bad. This is the time to understand and be understood. Now it is better to reconcile than to complicate things." "So tell me! How can you be a virgin even though you have three marriages? Kushna has sixteen thousand wives, yet he is celibate. That's how you feel, it will be better if you disclose it." And Kau breathed with new breath and said, "Brother! Listen, my girlfriends used to say, man, you're sweet. You will get handsome cute! Enjoy yourself. I got married to the son of my aunt Mamedira. He used to cut once in six months.

Pajamas, Shrouds and Armpit Pouches. Did he understand his habit of curling his curly beard over his shoulder and scratching his nose with his finger and finishing a sentence? That way of speaking. He did not cut his hair in marriage. I understood that that night. We were in a penthouse on the fifth floor of a famous hotel." Opening the window, he said, "Look at that, Chand in the sky." Immediately I said, "Today is Amavasya. After fifteen days, the moon will appear." Ignoring me, he said, "I want it, I want it. In it this mischievous wind, that nakshatra, that star, earth, fire, and so on, leaves, flowers, buds, trees. He started speaking lines on this line." I said "Hey! are you a gardener I'm getting sleepy." So he said, "What are you... Why are you not interested in this expanse of nature, the beauty of nature, the galaxy?" So I clearly said, "Hey! While the entire beautiful nature is in front of you, you are looking for happiness in this space of air, expanse of sky and notches of land. God has filled everything in woman's body. It has flowers. There are fruits, moon, sun, stars. You sit and look for the moon in the sky, I will leave." So I left that poet's katta and got a sodchitthi through my aunt. Being a virgin, I was married to a very famous chiropractor through the mediation of our relatives according to the Arya system. Immediately after marriage, they are to attend a conference Had to go abroad. I felt a little sad, but they left with a smile. He was checking pulses abroad for a month and I found his pulses correct here because this Vaidu pulse checker was real but after checking the pulses of women he used to leave their pulses. He was a very lustful and rapacious man. If he got married, he would get his grandmother's wealth of crores of rupees. No one was giving a girl to this lascivious man. He had won over me by showing greed for money to my relative. first night Vaidubuva was ready to ride me, lashing pegs of foreign liquor and hanging Champa Attar. He took Chyavanprash, Shilajit and Makardhwaj vati pills with milk in my presence. The man was completely exhausted. After looking at Lag, I started recording my mobile phone and sat near him keeping the mobile phone close to my chest. I had married him with high hopes but the man had put many needy women to shame. He was a pervert and a rapist. But I had no proof, but my virginity suggested the trick to me. I cried and said with guilt, "Hey! You are going to love me so much. But I am ashamed to say that I am like you Not worthy of a gentleman. I am Vikari, Kamasu. I was stamped by my teacher as a child. Then the beauty parlor stole my shame. This happened repeatedly to many people for this reason. Then how can I be worthy of you?" He was intoxicated and said, "My sweet! Oh, I am still a celibate baby? I have indulged with many of my lady patients. I always call those women and fulfill my desire against their will. That means we are both the same. Whether you come to me or not, I am going to enjoy the night. You became my wife so I will get my grandmother's estate worth crores of rupees. Say what else do you want?" I woke up immediately. Struck him in the groin and said, "Naradhama, wife, what do you think you are a prostitute? You who eat the food of the seventeen houses... I will never be your wife" and left him and kept the vow of virginity and came home, then we parted. I had his recording. "Third marriage?" Hence Bhaurao's question, and she answered. "That is on the wedding day itself Broke in the pavilion!" Bhaurao asks, "How is that?" "You tell me," she breathed and said, "In just four days, people from Mulakad came to us ten times and met and liked our shoe. Only ten to twelve people had come to a Dharamshala.

The boy had tied his head. Someone even mumbled that he was a bit restless. But Guruji came, chanting started, my preparation was going on. Everything seemed to be very quiet and Guruji shouted, Muhurt is starting. The girl's maternal uncle should bring the girl. As soon as I came and stood, I heard a sharp tone... Wait! You don't have the right to climb on the carriage. That right is mine. The one whom you want to marry has made me pregnant with the promise of marriage. His lineage is in my womb and his parents have created this marriage mess by preferring you as you are two different people. I have filed a police complaint. If they settle, I will withdraw the case, otherwise this man along with you will throw stones in jail." I immediately told her, "Don't be afraid, Tai. I believe in women. They must have cheated you by taking advantage of your trust. But I declare here before everyone that I will not marry this delinquent boy and willingly put you in my place." The sound of the police jeep was heard and the bridegroom accepted the girl by putting a garland around her neck. They all parted and I came back to my house as a virgin. Bhaurao said, "So what is the next plan? Do you want to remain a virgin or become a man?" But now the bride was shy. A pink blush appeared on the cheeks. The young woman dressed in a nine-patterned paithani with ear studs, nose studs, hemp bindi beads, mangalsutra and Mohanmale around the neck, sentences from the Danda, green chuda, net patties, bangles, finger rings, anklets and birudas, jodves, waist belts, looks like a heavenly nymph. was She looked at Bhaurao with tears in her eyes and said, "Wouldn't you like me to become a husband?" And I also want to be a man. But I wanted a husband like Rama, just like you, I had to become a fake wife three times to get him, but now you are the real wife. Bhaurao ran towards her impatiently and she said, "Hey! you are starving Don't rush to get the grass, let it be removed. Otherwise it would be their problem. Now what about you and what about me? And both became devoted to each other.

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