Why People Fail in Life !

12 Mar 2024

Every person works hard to achieve success but as he gets closer to success. Ego starts developing in him and he starts considering himself better than the Guru, but when he moves ahead without the guidance of a Guru, he has to face many problems. Then he understands why a teacher is important in life.
Once upon a time there lived a potter in a village. He looked after his family well. That potter had a son whose age was 15 years.

The boy used to play, jump and study, and sometimes he also helped his father in making clay pots.

When a boy used to make a pot, he would show the pot to his father and ask, “Father, how has the pot been made?” So his father sees and says that the pot is well made but there is a flaw in it, find it and fix it.

So the boy would have looked at the pitcher more carefully and improved it. And every time the boy would make a pot, he would ask his father, “Father, how has the pot been made?” So his father looked at the pot and said, 'The pot is well made but there is a flaw in it, find it and fix it.' Every time the potter would say this, the child would look at the pot again and then shape it better.

Now gradually the boy started making the pot in the same manner and if he asked his father, the potter would give him the same answer that there is some flaw in it, look at it and improve it, and the boy would look at it and correct it and give the pot a nice round shape.

And while this was happening, a time came that the boy's pot was sold in the market for Rs 500 and his father's pot was sold for Rs 400.

Now this continues for some days and while making the pot, the boy again asks his father that how is the pot made, then the father again gives the same answer that the pot is made correctly, there is just a little flaw, look and correct it.

As soon as the father said this, the boy said to his father that you always say this, you don't know anything, my pot is sold for Rs. 500 in the market and your pot is well made for Rs. 400, you always find fault.

So the father becomes silent and then says, okay son, do whatever you like. And then the father gets busy with his work and the boy gets busy with his work.

Now gradually the sales of the boy who lives there starts falling but the pots of the father who lives there still sell for Rs 400 only, so now the boy starts wondering what is happening. After a few days, when the price of his pots goes down, he gets worried and after a few days, he goes to his father and tells him that it is such a thing that no one buys my pots anymore.

So the potter tells his son that what you told me that my pot sells for this much and your pot sells for this much, I had told this to my father some time ago due to which I am confined here. It remained because I made the mistake of not understanding that thing, but you should understand that whatever work we do, there is something lacking in it and that work can be done better, hence never be satisfied. To always be looking for improvement because we can always do better than before.


You can learn many lessons from this story, you just need to have a learning attitude.

1.Our Guru always tries to take us forward and we should follow whatever the Guru says and work without asking any questions. But the Guru should also be made after thinking carefully.

2.We should never be satisfied with ourselves, we should work carefully and diligently on how we can do better.

3.We should never be proud in any work because when pride comes, it destroys our power of thinking and understanding.

So as told in this story, we should never be satisfied, we can always do our work in a better way. Whether you work in share market or network marketing, you will keep moving forward as long as you keep learning from your mistakes and improve your work.

~ Thank You

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