Not easy to be a man

7 Sept 2022

Have you ever thought of the times we avoid hitting the ladies
Even when the temper is uncontrollable
We all know a Lot of people say this
"If you hit her, you are a fool"

They say we are the stronger ones
It's our duty to protect them
We risk our lives more than once
We do it to avoid shame

What of the emotional rollercoaster we also experience?
Or you think we don't have feelings too?
This isn't a coincidence
Of course we do

Take it like an advice in every piece
Men have ways you'll never understand
We too have weaknesses
It's not easy to be a man

There's actually something called 'female privilege ' but the ladies aren't ready to talk about this. I may not have been able to point out instances these privileges are used in this poem but it exists. Men are perceived as strong by nature but we have our weaknesses and vulnerability too.

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