Envisioning Your Crypto Future & Why It's Imperative

12 Mar 2024

Aimless Endeavors
There are many who enter the Crypto space with an expectation of what they wish to achieve… and yet, simultaneously, have no idea how they are going to get there. Many of these “investors” believe it’s as simple as buying a random list of alts, and then hodling to the moon. Furthermore, their idea of hodling is almost always, yet another, unrealistic expectation.
One thing that I really appreciate about the Hive community is their focus and goal-oriented approach to Crypto. Unless you have envisioned where you want to be, and what you want to achieve, it’s going to be rather difficult to set up goals. In other words, having goals, and being a goal-oriented person requires envisioning the future. Goals are inherently relative to a desired outcome.
For instance, a Hiver who wants to acquire 2000 HIVE per month is not going to get there by acquiring 5 HIVE per day. Such a person needs to sit down and begin brainstorming different ways to “mine” HIVE. You can’t really have goals unless you have been specific in regard to what you actually want to achieve. Goals also help to keep one accountable. They place a demand upon you and your time.
As I have mentioned before, some goals are better suited to a productivity-based goal, rather than a monetary-based goal. Either way, you need goals… and the only way you are going to create and realize your goals is by envisioning your future. Simply throwing money at alts and other undisciplined ideas is not the way to go about securing a future in Crypto. It’s time to get specific.
Fine-Tuning Existing Goals
Even if you are someone who has already journeyed down this road, it’s always beneficial to revisit your existing goals. Look at how you can “tweak” them, perhaps even improve upon them. There is no growth without an extension beyond what has become comfortable. This is a rather important point to take note of. What might have been a difficult goal to achieve when you first set it could now be relatively easy to achieve.
This is a clear sign that your goals are in need of an “upgrade”. It’s time to lift the bar and begin pushing harder. If you are a distance runner and never increase the distance of your runs, you will remain a recreational runner. If you want to run marathons, you are eventually going to have to push beyond a couple of kilometers a day. The same with weight lifters… as they become stronger, they increase their weight.
It’s important to ensure that your goals remain goals, rather than activities that are now merely a part of everyday life. This is a way of ensuring that you arrive at your “ultimate goal”. Who knows what the future holds, if you are able to get ahead of your original goals, you stand a better chance of eventually reaching success. Envisioning your future is imperative in regard to connecting it to the present. Goals are the cords that form a bridge between where you are today, and where you want to be.
Final Thoughts
Envisioning where you want to be, and what you want to achieve is the measuring stick you require in the construction of your goals. You need to know where you are heading and what it’s going to take to get you there. Ignoring this aspect is somewhat similar to heading off on a long journey, and choosing to put $5 worth of gas in the tank.
Your goals, or lack thereof speak of where you are headed…

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