Benefits of Sun Bath/Grazing

7 Jun 2022

Hi everyone welcome to my new blog/article on benefits of Sunbath /grazing.

For being healthy you need to always connect yourself with nature. So for that in every morning try to woke up on time before sunrise to get the beautiful view.

A. Sunbath doing best time is morning and evening sunset time. What to remember is when sun rises first 20-40 minutes is more precious, be in sun light for atleast 30 minutes. While in evening it must be before 30 minutes of sunset.

B. What to remember
You must wear minimum clothes on your body. If you have private space than you should be naked only cover your private parts. Try to wear comfortable clothes like pure cotton based.

C. Benefits
Its improve your vitamin d level
Gives you inner peace and energy
Activate your whole body system
Improve your eye sight when you do sun grazing.
Nourish your whole body with all posivity energy surrounded in environment.

I hope you like the article will see you soon with some amazing articles in future.
Stay healthy, stay happy, connect with nature, save nature and give better future to upcoming future generations 😊😊

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