Quickswap Dex

11 Jul 2022

Quickswap is a fork of Uniswap, which is the best and most popular Decentralized Exchange in the world. Being a uniswap Fork, it enjoys the security offered by uniswap audits.

Quickswap is a decentralised Exchange on the polygon network and it happens to be the decentralised exchange with the highest TVL on Polygon according to Defilama.

Quickswap makes use of the Automatic Market Maker liquidity pool model and it depends solely on liquidity in its pool for transactions.

Quickswap currently has approximate $292M locked on its dapp, with an all-time high of $1.49B. 

Quickswap has a native token called $QUICK which also serves as its governance token, few months ago, a proposal was passed to execute a toke split for $QUICK, which the community had voted for the proposal. $QUICK then had a token split from 1 Million supply to 1 Billion.

You can use Quickswap DEX by visiting- https://quickswap.exchange 

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