Common Mistakes in Share Market (Part 8)

27 Jun 2022

Hello beautiful people out there this is the 8th part of common mistakes in share market . Ihope you all have gone through the previous parts earlier. If you have not gone through them make sure to check them out as well. 

Sooo for now lets start with the todays blog. 

Become rich over night - many investors see the portfolio of the other big investors and want to make their portfolio same as there ones. But people need to understand that creating huge portfolios is not a game of over night. It takes a lot of time , dedicaion , hardwork and patience, but above all it requires the knowledge of the market. 

Sooo dont try to be rich overnight with the shortcuts. Believe in yourself and just trust the process. Keep accumulating small profits and just try to avoid losses or from entering into trades which will lead to reduction of capital. Try to understand what suits you the best and adopt according to that, your portfolio will become big too just like other investors. 

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Yup!! I'm loving the series
Stock market is scam
every thing you wrote in all parts.. is a bitter truth.. really helpful for new investors