SupraOracles Airdrop- Get 450 free SUPRA tokens

2 Dec 2023

SupraOracles is airdropping free SUPRA tokens to users who complete simple airdrop tasks.
Clicking the following link: will take you to the onboarding page, which if you complete will give you 450 SUPRA.

The onboarding process consists of a KYC process such as submitting a government I.D. and taking a selfie. After this you have to complete some social tasks like joining discord server etc. At the end of this process, you will also be given some stars which can be used to enter giveaways like a trip around the world or a Razer Gaming Setup and many more prizes.
You can win even more stars and tokens by taking part in missions and expeditions.

Just click this link and win free SUPRA tokens.

What is SupraOracles?

SupraOracles is a next-generation cross-chain oracle solution so that smart contracts and blockchain apps work better. SupraOracles provides users with a credibly neutral, highly reliable, and performant Oracle solution for real-world data to communicate with public and private blockchains.

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