Anubandh part 3

1 Nov 2022

What will I teach her? Pooja is big enough to make her own decisions, she is sensible. I don't think she did anything wrong in thinking that she should meet Parag's father, who is now counting the last element." "Oh, tomorrow that Parag said to Puja, the drunkard son of the Jadhavs, now we will be together again. But you won't find anything wrong with that." "Such an event will not happen at all. But once she understands, she should do what Puja thinks is right." "Enough of your wisdom! What Pooja has suffered by falling in love with that drunkard Isn't that enough? If she is jumping into the same fire again, let her take it?" "I have already told you that nothing will happen! Pooja has only gone to meet Advocate Jadhav. Because they supported her when she needed it, treated her with love.

After knowing the merits of his son, it was he who advised her to get a divorce and got it for her." "So this is repaying the favor by meeting them or what? And not to think about what those Riker men would think if they found out?" "Ah, but you teach us the values of society! Does humanity have value in it? Even if that Sakhubai works in your house for only six months, you feel love for her! The next day she met him on the street but did not speak to him, how sad his mother felt. Then Pooja should not feel anything about the house, those people in which she spent two-three years?" "Want no! She should think of everyone. Except only the mother! Don't just think of a mother who has been sarcastic since birth. Why should she care? Because no matter what you do, I will fulfill my duty as a mother!" Mother said He said with tears in his eyes. So there was no point in expanding the topic now. However, at the end I said to my mother, "Please mother, even today Pooja came home, don't take her on a pill. She herself will tell you everything that happened. But give her some time to recover herself." "Aparna, we feel the same way you guys are worried about her. Don't you see that we are also struggling to make her happy?" But our approach to make her happy is different. You don't understand her first, so how can you know what her happiness is? Because mother said it was also right. I was also convinced. But I could not see Pooja's heartache. At some point, pollen came into her life and her life took a different turn. Mother as a foreigner's son--Grandmother initially resisted but finally got ready somehow. In fact, Parag is a promising boy but finds himself in the company of bad friends and self Dusted off life. His father is a renowned lawyer but he could not do anything for the boy. Pooja had married Parag by her own will so she tried to endure a lot. But in the end only Parag's father will see her plight. Parag left the job. He used to be drunk all day. Doubt whatever you think about Puja. She used to go to the office and say whatever she wanted. He used to insult her constantly. In the end, he even began to kill her. But Pooja didn't say a single word to us. Parag's father finally told us all this and advised Pooja to get a divorce. After the divorce, Pooja wanted to be independent. She was also getting a good flat in Officers Colony in their bank. In fact, it was only then that Pooja should have made up her mind and remained independent. But then she was not agreeable to both of them to stay alone. And it was not possible for Puja to keep hurting both of them. Puja's stay here is like staying in a boarding school.

Mother and grandmother were now more sensitive towards her. So taking care of her not so much Both of them did not realize that he was keeping a watch over her in a way. Pooja used to come home on time after leaving office. If she wanted to go anywhere, she would be told to go. Not only that, even when going for a bank audit, a thousand restrictions were imposed on her to judge any one of us. Again, even if she ever showed a little displeasure, both of them would immediately get angry. 'Once we have run away, that's enough! We don't have the strength to bear it anymore!' Pooja used to be shocked to hear this palupada. When both of them started planning to marry her again, I tried to explain to both of them, "Let Pooja get out of this shock first. Although she seems to be facing this incident with courage, a person gets tired at such a time. It will take some time for her to fully recover from it." "On the contrary, I think that once she is absorbed in another world, she will automatically forget this sorrow. Why should she keep bringing up old bitter memories! What is lacking in her that she should remain unmarried?" What will you say about this idea of grandmother? Our and her outlook on life as a whole is so different that it is impossible to bridge it! Finally, she calmed down only when Pooja got married to Raikar's Rohit. Engineer boy! Working in America! Currently here. His father is also a renowned lawyer. mother doctor Everyone has a separate car at home. Both mother and grandmother were very happy. Both of them thought that they were going to get married once. And now both were shocked to hear that Pooja is going to Jadhav again. It was eleven o'clock again and she was still nowhere to be found, and both were puzzled as to what would happen if the Rikers found out about it. Because of this, Pooja's arranged marriage will also be broken. Because both of them thought that any boy would tolerate this chala like that of a girl. But they could not do anything but discuss with each other. Now, if this marriage fails, then there is no point in worshiping. How much time has passed in the drowsiness of thought! I woke up to the sound of the doorbell. Looking at the clock, it was twelve o'clock. Quickly got up and opened the door. Pooja enters nervously. I closed the rate and mother first Peeked into the bedroom. Probably both of them had just taken a nap. Otherwise both of them would have come out and taken over the house by now.

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Friends and elders claim that Vidurji was prepared to remarry because he was aware of his stepmother's problems, so he wed Savitri, an older virgin. and add a stipulation.
even though his queen vehemently disagreed with him, he disregarded her. The king immediately began performing atonement in the Himalayas. He constructed a home there and started worshipping the Lord day and night.