7 Jun 2022

DeGate a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol built on zero-knowledge technology, has released its Testnet, with plans to launch Mainnet in mid-summer this year.

Steps Are as Followed

1. Faucet
DeGate Testnet is currently on the Rinkeby network. In order to get testnet tokens or test tokens, you will need to head to the faucet to get these tokens.
You Need 0.1 eth
Faucet –

2 : Connect to Rinkeby Test Network
Switch your network to Rinkeby Test Network on MetaMask. You will be able to see your current balance on the Rinkeby Test Network.

3: Register & Testing
Head to and register for a free decentralized DeGate account

Deposit your ETH into your decentralized DeGate account and start testing away4. Receive USDT & USDC
You will receive 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens upon your first deposit of 0.1 eth 

5.  Trading

Do Some

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