Common Mistakes in Share Market (Part 7)

26 Jun 2022

Sooo this is the 7th part of the Common Mistakes in the Share Market that the investors do. If u are here , i hope you have gone through all the earlier blogs. If u have not went through the earlier blogs make sure to check them out as well. 

Sooo now lets begin with the todays part 

Lack of Patience - patience is something which is needed in every part of our lives . Whateverwe want to achieve in our life can only be achieved if we are patient and working on that field. Sooo it is the most important part in share market also. In the share market when we invest money we cant presume that we will be getting good return in just 1 month , it might happen that we have to wait for a longer time to receive our reward of patience.

Usually people see the dip of 5 to 10% in the market and start buying , they dont want to watch the market patiently which leads to their accumulation of shares at higher prices and attraction of losses in their portfolio. Sincethey have bought the shares impatiently at higher prices and see a huge downfall in portfolio they sell their holding at loss again an example of impatient. 

Sooo i will recommed if you are holding some good quality shares whose fundamentals are strong you dont need to worry and sell at loss. Just hold it tight if the companies fundamentals are worth it they would be coming back to their original prices. 

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I found this article to be incredibly informative and helpful in highlighting some of the common mistakes made in the share market. It's easy to get caught up in the hype and make impulsive decisions, but this article provides valuable insight on how to avoid those pitfalls and make more informed choices. I will definitely be referencing this article in the future as a guide for my own investments
Patience is key and ensuring you stick to your investment goals as you have indicated earlier.