Reflections Of A wasted Man PART 2

22 Sept 2022

My father asked me to go to school and get certified, that there will be numerous opportunities for me as long as I had a "good degree". That if only he had one in his entire life, he wouldn't have been this wretched. This was where I lost it!

This information gave me a negative misconception. I was now poised on getting a University degree to impress my dad and to get a job. This I did, I thought I was doing dad a favour afterall, and so I went to school blindfully without minding; maneuvered through JAMB and got admission. 😥😥 "if only someone advised me"...

Medicine and Surgery was my most preferred choice, but since I couldn't meet up the required average, I was relegated to a less demanding course.( as though there is any course like "less demanding" ). I never thought of rewriting JAMB because I feared I may not be so lucky to score above the general cutoff mark, and since majority of my close friends were already in school, I had to accept any course and get started. All I wanted then was to be in school and be called a "student". I didn't know that I was making my way to the door of mediocrity with my two eyes wide open.

To cut the long story short I was blindfolded with the euphoria of being accepted into the University. I became over ambitious, I was so obsessed about being successful. I had several opportunities to develop myself through different skills that presented themselves to me free of charge, but I turned them down. The only thing on my mind was a "University degree". 🤔 I was wrong! ...


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