Vote of Thanks

25 Aug 2022

As I laid down and listened to the music recommendation from my friend I imagined what I’ll say if given the chance to appreciate the concept of music. 

“…Good day, honorable dias and audience. 
It gives me great pleasure to offer this vote of thanks on my own behalf and the behalf of artists all around the world

I sincerely appreciate the time and knowledge that our chief guest, guest of honor, and all of the dignitaries in attendance have given us. 
I extend my gratitude to all the known and unidentified hands who helped make this event a success.

I want to especially thank those who invented the concept of music 
My greatest thanks goes to those that invented headphones and earpieces 
Let’s not forgot those who invented a systematic beat 
and acoustic sounds 
The difference in rhythms and harmonies that makes music whole 

I want to thank the people that sat back and assumed  “oh people will be sad and they will need music as a coping mechanism”

Lastly a vote of thanks to those who feel the need to turn up our songs and feel the music and try to be the music”

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