20 Aug 2022

What exactly is failure? We've all had it. However, only a few people understand how to learn from it to be more successful in the future. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We cannot always win all the time. Along the way, we would pass through difficult challenges and problems. Failure does not always translate to something terrible, sometimes it can be an eye-opening moment that maybe we are not really prepared for the task ahead. It can also be a teaching moment telling us that we must step up and do better. Failure is characterized as a lack of success or as failing to live up to a standard.

Our tendency to overread failure is the issue. We frequently connect it to our perceptions of our value, respect, and acceptance. Frequently, the expectation we fall short of is one we set for ourselves or one we have made up in our minds. Most of us don't go into anything with the intention of failing. We certainly don't want the failure label attached to us. But perhaps it was a mistake. Failure has its uses. We may draw lessons from it, gain new knowledge, and improve moving forward. Failures that are the correct kind teach us something and provide us with new information that advances us toward our objectives.

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Failing doesn't really mean we should quit actually, we should look at failures as an opportunity to do better
Thank you for talking about this. I have had my fair share of failure , but at the end of the day it only made me a better person
Failure means not finished your life. You have whole life to break your failure so break your failure in your life face it really hard and answer the situation that you have ahed of your face. That is your won against failure