The liquor and I

6 Jul 2022

Dear Wife, why hate my relationship with a bottle of alcohol?
The love I share with it may seem strong yet ours is overall.

Although these few months has really got me in a bad place.
I've been depressed but you could never be the light in my darkness.

Everytime I needed you to pay attention to my grief and you didn't.
I went to the bar knowing that a bottle of alcohol always listens.

I get people come around to tell me too much of it isn't healthy.
But none of them cares about my reason and try to help me.

Some days I'm smart and some days I'm dull.
Blame me not, blame the alcohol.

Most times I stagger and subsequently fall.
Blame me not, blame the alcohol.

And the time I felt dizzy and puked in the bus.
Alcohol was definitely the cause.

For all the times I bickered.
I was influenced by the Liquor.

I know I'm well known for making promises I don't keep.
But I promise to reduce my intake to just a sip.

And eventually, I hope to establish an enmity between the liquor and I.
A part of me longs for it and I'll gladly watch that part of me die.

Jude Umoren, 'The liquor and I' (online, 2022) <>.

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I'm a light drinker to think of it
But I have to choose between booze and my imaginary wife