With Friends...

21 Jul 2022

In my last post, I talked about how communicating effectively in the workplace can go a long way toward facilitating our relationships with co-workers. Let's examine what we stand to gain when we communicate effectively with our friends and families.

  • With friends and families or in relationships:

Having good communication with your loved ones shows how much you care about them. People who utilize pleasant words and actions create more friends. It demonstrates how much you value and care about them. It is important to distinguish between flattery and genuine emotions.

In relationships, misunderstandings and false beliefs are often. After a fight, it's common to see that people avoid engaging in any conversation. Establishing a habit through communication can make conversations easier than periods of quiet.
It improves the relationships of the parties involved. There would be no disagreement if there was no misinterpretation. It fosters trust. Having someone genuinely interested in your message and taking the time to decode it gives you confidence that they will handle information correctly the next time.

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Rajat Dhariwal
Friends makes our life best
Nice article and i really appreciate your attention