A selfish world

11 Jul 2022

We live in a selfish world, every man for himself. Nobody really cares about you unless you're rich, beautiful, popular or dead. People are more interested and care to know what goes on with these set of people.

I'm not in anyway referring to the care you get from friends and loved one. Of course, we all have people that genuinely look out for our well being and it's something we must all appreciate and not take for granted.
Let's see what makes these set of people so interesting to the public.


I believe we're all familiar with the quote
Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.
In this case, I'm referring to the outer beauty, the first part of that quote. We're not talking about inner beauty and all that. People are attracted by what they see, the society's standard of beauty. You're likely to get more attention and opportunities than others usually would. When a beautiful person walks into a room, they'll probably get noticed first because of the attention they command just by their looks. At the same time, it might not be easy to spot the genuine people that like you for who you are and not just for a pretty face. For one, they're people that are just familiar with you to get a photo that will attract likes and comments on social media, or they just want to be seen taking a stroll with you on the street. 


A poor man has no friends.
The rich are mostly noticed for what can be gained from them. Everyone wants to succeed in life and make it, people just want to work their way to the top. Most people are associated with the rich for the influence or money they can benefit from them. They care because of what they hope to gain from that association. The rich are respected, after all it is said that money answers all things. It's also hard for a rich person to know genuine friends from those that just want to use you as a ladder to success.


There is a price for popularity, critics look for your weaknesses, your flaws, anything that makes work seem like a fluke and not seem worthy of all the attention it's getting.
The thing about being popular is that your business is everyone else's business. They're literally living life with you and follow you up. Take celebrities for example, whatever they do, even the smallest or mundane things, they'll always get the attention. To walk into a diner and grab a coffee, it's everywhere on the internet. Such a life! It's easy to get backlash from people at the slightest chance because so much is expected from them. We forget they're also human and are prone to making mistakes. It's no surprise how much influence they have that the mere fact of being spotted with them, you're on the news too.


The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.
I guess death brings people together since it's a time of sober reflection on life itself. It's like a wake up call, a reminder that life can be over at the blink of en eye. At the mention of death, all the judging and opinions are put aside and there's only mourning except for cases where the bad outweighed the good. When death calls, everyone is suddenly caring, they remember moments they had with the death, and all grudges are forgotten. People don't care when there's life and it's sad. The popular and rich are mostly likely to still be remembered even after the period of mourning is over because of the impact they made.

Despite all this, you don't have to be beautiful, rich, popular or dead before you make an impact. The one person you were nice to remembers you, your family and friends know who you are and how valuable you are. These people have seen you, they've known you and they appreciate you. That alone in itself matters.
Thank you for reading through!


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