Human Resources,Human capital formation and physical capital.

13 Sept 2022

Human Resources refers to the human aspect of factor of has to do with the individual or person’s who make up a work force in an organization or business sector of an economy
Human resource economics studies individuals,family and market investment in various forms of human capital such as education,job training and health.The field also covers labour economics and econometrics to examine empirically issues in areas such as labour supply,labour market structure which includes unions ,minimum wages , loss and discrimination of investment in human capital,production and demand for medicals etc 
Human capital is a stock of competences, knowledge,social and personality attributes which include creativity embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value. It can also be described as the skills training education knowledge technological know to know and competences contributed by human beings to a business or any other affair.
Human capital Formation refers to the act of improving the quantity and quality of Human Resources through mainly education and training.
physical capital refer to the asset which themselves have been manufactured for the production of goods and can also be described as another name for Human Resources.

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