Things we chase

2 Feb 2023

Today, while I listened to some vintage music on the radio, the realization that I'm aging set me. Man!, I remember when I was a young, impressionable boy who was terrified to hold a woman's hand. Now have a look at me and the ladies' man.

I'm going to say it again even though I'm not sure whether I've said it before. I aspired to be a rapper when I was little. Ice Prince was my hero. You could believe that I wrote his songs if you heard me lip-sync them.

But having a dream and turning that dream become reality are two very different things. I didn't do that, that's what. I'm thankful for the direction I went in rather than regretting it. one time,I might be speaking into the microphone.

As they say, dreams never come true; mine did not. You should know that I detest celebrity. I might become like one of these famous people wearing masks.

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