A Funk

10 Aug 2022

“If you heard, I passed away today. 
Know that my hopes were realized, 
that death's cold, selfish hands had me, and that I was too exhausted to resist, 
Know I passed away like I
always imagined
Not too slow and not too fast
Okay speed to indulge in my memories
Processing every face that
made me smile
Every person I loved
And everyone that
mattered to me.
I saw you.”

Violet read the letter she wrote over and over again
She stared at the sink for quite a while before emptying the entire bottle of sleeping pills down the drain. 
Violet gathered the last bit of herself that still made her whole and made a promise to do better this time. 
As she laid back on the bed in the room that was once her safe place, only one thought crossed her mind and like a maniac she started chanting, and what seemed to be gibberish to anyone listening by, was a fervent prayer not to be consumed by darkness. 
She couldn't afford the luxury of sleep, which only served to awaken the demons she had been attempting to keep at bay all day. 
Her fears loomed menacingly at her
threatening to oust her entire being.

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