Invitation.App: How to Make The Most of the Social Referral Platform

30 May 2023

What is is the internet's most popular referral code sharing social site. You post your referral codes and others will use them, and in addition, you can find others' codes to use and get a bonus. It's a very social website with a discussion forum, messaging, and commenting on posts. Join here if you haven't already

Tips and Tricks

Some quick ‘off the top of my head’ tips & tricks I've learned— 

1: Start discussions in the ‘Discuss’ forum.

It gets your name out there and you can post news/advice/thoughts about a program & link that code in the post which will likely get you more referrals on that. Comment on others’ discussion posts and really interact with the people on the site. 

2: Use others’ codes and let them know.

Send them a message when you’ve used their code (I typically don’t leave a comment on their link page like the site asks you to. It typically goes unseen, lost in the user’s notifications.) This, again, gets your name out as well as opens you up to potentially getting a referral done from them as thanks. 

3: Do exchanges.

If you see an active user who you’d like to swap referrals with (ie: you do one of theirs and they do one of yours as a trade), click on their profile and choose the ‘exchanges’ tab to see what you can refer to them, and what they can refer to you. Then, send them a message. Something like, “Hey, would you have any interest in doing a referral exchange? I noticed you don’t seem to have xyz app, if you’d be willing to do my referral for that I could do zyx app (or any others you might prefer) from your page! Let me know :)” 

4: Repost your codes!!!

If you want to get more referrals, you need to be reposting your codes to keep them at the top of the list where more people see them. Old codes sit at the bottom and hardly get viewed. Go to your profile, then dashboard, then click on ‘repost’ for whatever codes you want to repost this month. There is 1 free repost per month built in. However, you can earn coins for reposts by completing tasks (such as reviewing the site) and messaging support. You can also circumvent that entirely if you have extra money and sign up for the upgraded paid plans with the site. I personally don’t have a plan and do just fine, but many swear by it. 

Are you already on Invitation? What do you think of these tips?

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