At Home At War

3 Sept 2022

Last December, I declared that 2020 was going to be my year.
But just the first quarter, has me overwhelmed with fear.

Staying at home, "forced introversion" seems like a difficult task.
Then going out, I'm afraid I might suffocate in my face mask.

I'm running out of food supplies and I really can't stay inside any longer.
Because if the virus don't kill me outside, then I may die indoors from hunger.

I'm social distancing and expecting nobody to come knocking on my door.
Because to defeat this virus, I need to be at home yet at war

This poem above was written for a poetry competition after lockdown, I came in first place but didn't get my prize. Also note that it was capped at 100 words maximum and I the original was 99 words. Such accuracy 😅

References (Example)

[1] Jude Umoren, 'At Home at War' (online, 2021)

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This is quite a captivating article
The United States homefront during World War I saw a systematic mobilization of the country's entire population and economy to produce the soldiers, food supplies, ammunitions and money necessary to win the wa
Staying at home because of the isolation was making me lose my mind. I had basically the same routine everyday for month. I am happy everything ended.
We were locked down for a long time, such horror
A good piece
I remember what COVID did to me and my family