You need to pay attention when these 2 areas are in pain

27 Jan 2023

In recent years, myocardial infarction is no longer just a disease that only the elderly have. Many people and young people also have this disease. Therefore, it should be prevented no matter how old you are.

Although the occurrence of this disease can be sudden, it is not without any signs.

When the body has "2 purple and 2 pain" , it needs to be taken seriously. Before the onset of myocardial infarction, the body may give a signal, when these 2 parts are purple and these 2 parts are painful, you need to pay attention:

1. Purple lips

Under normal circumstances, a healthy person's lips are often pale pink.

However, when the cardiovascular system is severely blocked, the oxygen content in the blood will be insufficient , making the blood supply of the lips unsatisfactory, resulting in purple lips.

Therefore, when you find that your lips have become darker in color or appear bluish-purple in the past period of time, you should be careful.

2. Purple tongue

Normally, a healthy tongue is slightly red and has a light pink color.

But when there is a problem with the heart, the tongue will appear purple, ecchymoses or the tongue coating will turn white. It is believed that when these situations occur, you need to pay attention. This is probably a distress signal given by the heart.

3. Chest pain

Before the onset of myocardial infarction, one of the most common manifestations is chest pain. This is because when the cardiovascular system is severely blocked, the blood vessels will spasm, resulting in a feeling of pressure and pain in the chest, and in severe cases, it will be accompanied by Symptoms of nausea and vomiting .

Therefore, when these symptoms appear, you must be careful. This is mostly a heart problem.

4. Toothache

Toothache is not necessarily an oral problem, it may also be related to myocardial infarction.

Clinically, toothache caused by heart disease is usually called "cardiac toothache", which is different from ordinary toothache. Toothache caused by heart disease often manifests as severe pain.

Therefore, you must be careful when you have this kind of toothache. This is probably a signal from the heart.

From this we can know that when the body appears these two signs, it is necessary to pay attention to heart problems.

First, diet

For people with a bad heart, they must pay attention to a low-salt and low-sugar diet.

Because high-sugar foods will affect the normal metabolism of the body, it will also cause the body to gain weight. When the blood sugar rises, it will also disturb the environment in the blood vessels, which is very detrimental to cardiovascular health.

The high-salt diet can cause high blood pressure and damage blood vessels, so these two foods should be taken as little as possible.

Second, maintain a good attitude

Happiness can really cure all diseases. The human heart is very fragile. If you are often angry or stimulated by anything, your blood pressure will soar, and the burden on your heart will be even greater.

Therefore, in normal times, you must know how to regulate your emotions and release your pressure in time.

In summary, you can know that when lips and tongue purple, chest and teeth pain, you must pay attention to your heart, because this is likely to be a distress signal given by the heart, and you should check in time to ensure that your heart is healthy.

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