Covid 19 ?

22 May 2022

Finally I understand and get past this angry feeling.

Almost 2 years of watching social media with covid news, positive numbers, and sad news that appear every day, finally I am in this position, feeling how panicked I was when I heard that my papa, mama and sister were positive. Difficulty finding a hospital, seeing for yourself the tired health workers managing the number of patient queues. Astaghfirullah..

After receiving reinforcements from good people who provided information on hospitals, medical team assistance, and much more, the chaotic day could be unraveled one by one. It felt like the dark clouds in my mind suddenly appeared the sun and I could still think clearly. When I was confused about finding a hospital, there were many incoming calls that provided information on the availability of the hospital. Thank you friends, brothers who have helped a lot 🙏🏻

My papa and mama's condition is good, after screening in 2 hospitals the results of thorax, blood pressure and saturation are good, they can be included in the category of mild symptoms, even though they have a history of congenital disease, we finally decided to be isoman on the grounds of maintaining their physical and psychological well-being, but still monitored by doctors through video calls and doctors visit regularly, through home care services I also hire a part-time nurse, because they are alone at home, just in case something happens suddenly. This covid doesn't only attack physically but psychologically, especially parents, it will be easy to get down when they see the number of people who have died in the hospital, the news is too much. My advice when you are isoman, isolate from many things including news and also whatsapp groups which sometimes appear sad news. To stay mentally awake. My sister was at the athlete's house because she had a fever.

For those of you who are sick, may Allah heal the pain, if you are currently having a hard time, may Allah make it easy for you. For the health workers at the forefront, keep your spirits up, I know you are very tired, I hope your health is always there for you Calm down, don't panic, God willing, we will pass together, hug tightly to all

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