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9 Feb 2024

SatoshiVM team is proud to announce launch of testnet rewards campaign.

Participate in this innovative campaign where you transfer tBTC and get rewards in $SAVM below
Go to:
Connect and complete the registration prompts
Cover your gas fee

The SatoshiVM team is grateful to our testnet users who have stuck by us through thick and thin since our launch.

Addressing all the concerns you have as we head closer to $SAVM alpha mainnet, here’s how we plan to reward our testnet users:




Wen Distro? NFTs will be distributed to qualifying testnet users on the same date as our alpha mainnet launch.

Expected to release in Q1. Stay tuned for more updates.
SatoshiVM team is proud to announce launch of our expanded testnet rewards campaign.

Participate in this innovative campaign where you transfer tBTC and get rewards in $SAVM below

Here’s the set of defined rules and distributions caps info for testnet users to participate:

1/ Only wallets who deposited tBTC to SatoshiVM Testnet before February 6, 2024 12 PM UTC are eligible for this campaign.

2/ Maximum cap for overall rewards is set at 500 tBTC, which upon hitting will conclude this campaign.

3/ Every eligible testnet user can transfer maximum 0.5 tBTC daily until 500 tBTC overall cap is reached.

4/ Minimum to qualify for this campaign is 0.05 tBTC in accumulated amount transferred.

5/ Reward distribution mechanism for this campaign will be revealed later when overall maximum cap is reached.
For more information on where and how this tBTC will be used on our testnet, read this:…

Our core aim is to not only ensure prosperity of SatoshiVM testnet but also use excess tBTC for other Bitcoin testnets.
We just announced the upcoming SatoshiVM tBTC faucet launch yesterday in response to tBTC supply shortage crunch. Here's an overview of how it will work in allowing our community to boost their $SAVM rewards:

Starting tomorrow you will be able to trade in your tBTC via our website to earn SAVM rewards. These rewards will be distributed to you when our rapidly approaching alpha mainnet goes live.

There will be distribution caps in place to ensure fair distribution of rewards.

The tBTC collected will be redistributed via our Discord faucet allowing users to continue testing on the SAVM testnet. The faucet should be available next week.

Excess tBTC will be sent to other faucets to address the tBTC shortage the Bitcoin testnet is experiencing at the moment.

In short, you can trade in test BTC for already circulating SAVM and eventually help the SatoshiVM testnet and other Bitcoin testnets to function more efficiently
SatoshiVM was designed as a community-centric project, placing our native token $SAVM in focus to boost community growth.

Let’s outline several of the upcoming $SAVM utilities:
1/ Staking Rewards: $SAVM holders need to be rewarded for their conviction in helping us support our ecosystem's stability.

By participating in our staking program, holders can do just that and also accrue attractive staking rewards in $SAVM and $wBTC.
2/ Early Participant Incentives: SatoshiVM team holds our testnet users in high regard and is committed to rewarding them generously.

We aim to provide them incentives as a way of saying thank you for contributing to development from testnet to alpha stages.
3/ Liquidity Provider Rewards: Operating on Bitcoin's layer 2, SatoshiVM values our liquidity providers, aiming to reward them with $SAVM for enhancing the network's value and usability.

Given SatoshiVM natively uses $BTC for gas, the amount of $BTC on our network directly impacts our value. LP rewards are our way of aligning interests for ecosystem growth.4/ Security Model Rewards: Cross-chain security distinguishes SatoshiVM from its competitors, and participants in the Prover and Verifier modules play a crucial part in keeping us secure.

By compensating them with $SAVM, we show appreciation for their commitment in maintaining our ecosystem’s security.
5/ Ecosystem Rewards: Rewarding active participants within the SatoshiVM ecosystem is essential as it contributes to growth of both community and the ecosystem itself.

Projects building on SatoshiVM will continuously incentivise $SAVM holders, through tokenized rewards or other ways to gain their support in fostering community-driven growth.
6/ Governance and Voting: In line with our community-focused approach, we value $SAVM holders by entrusting them with SatoshiVM ecosystem's governance, enabling them to exercise changes and vote.

This grants them the authority in deciding everything that happens within the ecosystem guaranteeing protocols stays in harmony with our community's vision.

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