I must resign

14 Feb 2023

For the convenience of more people, I will share the following six situations. If you encounter them, you should consider resigning.

1. Too little money

A job that earns too little money and cannot maintain a basic life, even if you like it, you still have to consider quitting.

After resigning, even if you want to borrow money from your parents, relatives and friends, you must find a way to learn some skills that can make more money, so that you can live without worry.

2. Psychological

When I think of going to work, my whole body is not good, worry, fear, depression , depression... all kinds of emotions come one after another.

In such a situation, if you persist, the pressure will increase further, and the adverse reactions will expand from the psychological level to the physical level, and the whole person will have problems.

Do consider resigning.

Don't think that you will pass it if you carry it, it will be difficult!

3. Long-term physical damage

If the work intensity is too high, it is easy to become sick due to overwork.

The harsh working environment, such as positions with excessive noise, toxic gas , and dust, will directly damage the body.

Like this, if you continue to work for a long time, your body will inevitably suffer irreversible damage, so you should consider resigning early.

4. The relationship with the boss is irreconcilable

The boss is the person who can most affect your development in the company. He can evaluate your work, decide whether to give you an important opportunity, or decide whether to marginalize you.

If you have a conflict with your boss and you can't resolve it no matter what, then you will basically have no future under his hands.

At this time, either consider internal transfer or consider resignation.

5. Personal long-term failure to grow

If you do mediocre jobs and do odd jobs, and you can't make progress for a long time, and you can't grow personally, then you should also consider resigning.

This is because it is difficult for us to work in a private enterprise for a lifetime, and it is inevitable to change jobs. Even if you meet a very stable company, there is a high probability that you will change jobs after working for ten years. You have not grown in this company, and when you change jobs , there is a high probability that you will not be competitive, and you will not find a good pit.

Therefore, don't wait for a long time in an environment that does not allow you to grow, but make plans early.

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