The match between two friends

11 Dec 2022

Hello, my dear friends. As I mentioned in my previous posts, we recently experienced an incident involving a cricket match. Both from a cricket match perspective and from a relationship one, this was amazing. I covered all the specifics in part 1 of my earlier piece. Please read that before reading this.

I mentioned in my last piece that both captains, Manoj and Vijay, were there when the toss was made. Manoj, the captain of our squad, chose to field first after winning the toss. The match official starts the game after consulting with both captains. Compared to the previous field, where we played our last two matches and scored more runs, this field is much larger. Manoj, our squad captain, asked for everyone to report to the scene. Manoj instructs everyone to field accurately. Manoj talks extensively about the current game's tactics. Vijay, the captain of the opposing squad, also goes through the game plan with his players. To start this match, Vijay is joined by Vinayak. Manoj, the leader of our team, observes them both and sets up the field in accordance with either batting strategy. Everyone is now prepared to play in the largest cricket match ever between Vijay and Manoj. Manoj gives Andi the initiative first. He is prepared to toss the opening pitch of this game. Vinayak takes the non-strike, while Vijay takes the strike. The biggest match between Vijay and Manoj starts

Vijay faces the opening pitch from Andi as the first over is started. Dot ball was the first ball. Vijay smashes the second ball of the over extremely sparingly and scores one boundary. Vijay scores a single after the third ball. Vinayak now enters the strike end. Vinayak faced a fourth ball, but Andi threw a wide ball. Vinayak hits the ball on the fourth pitch, scoring three runs. Prasad made mistakes in his fielding, allowing him to score three runs. Vijay is on strike after the fifth ball, but andi once more tosses a wide ball. Vijay tried to knock a six on the fifth ball, but the ball bounced four times instead. On the sixth ball, I make the dot ball. Andi scores 14 runs in the final frame of the first over. Sudarshan receives the second from Manoj. He began the second over of the game, his over. Vinayak is out on the job. It's time to celebrate for our squad when Sudarshan bowls the first ball of the second over and dismisses Vinayak. Due to our early wicket in this crucial match between Vijay and Manoj, our squad has already begun to celebrate. Our team is motivated to win the game by this movement. Rahul has arrived at the batting crease in accordance with Vijay's plan. The second ball of the second over is struck by Sudarshan. Rahul receives a single after he throws the second ball. Vijay is now set to face the third ball of the second over. Vijay makes dot ball after Sudarshan tosses second ball.
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