28 Mar 2023

Abandonment leaves behind scars that dissolve even more slowly as the wounds it leaves behind.

The ramifications of abandonment typically endure a lifetime.

The depth of this sensation and the terror it inspires can only be understood by those who have actually gone through the agony of being abandoned. One starts to feel less secure as a result of it.

One has poor self-esteem and the feeling of being unlovable as a result.

A person's fear of desertion will have an impact on all of their future relationships.

Fortunately, talking to a reliable friend about your abandonment issues can help you move past them and develop positive relationships.

The diagnosis "abandonment difficulties" is not specific. It therefore has a wide range of meanings.

An anxious attachment style or early childhood trauma may cause fear of abandonment. Additionally, it is a characteristic of a few mental health disorders, such as borderline personality disorder (BPD).

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