24 Sept 2022

Hello, I've you been wanting to transition into data analysis as a tech career course, but you don't know how to?
Search no more, I'm here to hold your hands and walk you through how you can get started.

Data Analysts are everywhere and can be found in large corporations,  banking, the healthcare industry, marketing, technology firms, and others.  A data analyst is a person who gathers and analyzes data using statistical techniques and interprets data in order to solve a particular problem.

As a data analyst, it is important you should able to think critically and be able to use trends, and policies in analyzing data.

Technical skills a data analyst is to acquire

EXCEL- Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software used to analyze data. It comprises of formulas, functions, and shortcuts used to analyze data. As a beginner excel is a great way to start.

POWER BI/ TABLEAU- These are great visualization tools used by analysts to effectively communicate information visually to their audience. The audience are the employers, stakeholders, clients, and live audience. Different audiences with different visuals

SQL, R, PYTHON- These are programming languages used to analyze Big data. It is essential you learn a programming language to have an edge over others.


References (Example)

[1] BULB, 'Write to Earn. Read to Earn' (online, 2022) <>

Write & Read to Earn with BULB

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Johnson Chau
Data analyst is such an important nowadays. Data is an essential part to everything you do on the internet and finding valuable insights can help improve your user experience and make your product better. I personally like to use Python for analytics - there are tons of open source libraries like pandas, matplotlib and sci kit learn that allows you to analyse and build models
Nice career path suggestion
I can thoroughly recommend trying to develop visualisation and BI skills using power BI. There are also many other tools to develop skills, LinkedIn learning and much more. I would encourage anyone to try makeover Monday where you can play with data sets published every Monday. A great way to develop skills and learn from others at the same time.
Why not Java sir
Since everything is based on tech , only large data and it's manipulation (for analysis) will be useful to upgrade as well as get thigns done. Apart from prediction , there are many usecases so data science is already a demanded .