Romanian Football NFTs on FIFA Collect

12 Jun 2024

The beautiful game gets a digital upgrade! The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) becomes the pioneer national association to join the FIFA Collect platform, powered by Modex. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant step forward for digital sports collectibles.

FIFA Collect, a brainchild of FIFA and Modex, allows fans to buy, sell, and trade digital football memorabilia — all secured by the unbreakable power of blockchain technology. These collectibles, known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), represent a wide range of digital assets, including iconic moments, legendary players, and even entire teams.

Fan Engagement Reaches New Heights
The FRF is thrilled to offer a unique experience to its supporters. In a statement, they announced the integration of exclusive products and benefits for Romanian National Team fans on the FIFA Collect platform. FRF President Răzvan Burleanu emphasizes the exciting possibilities: “This innovative partnership brings fans closer to the National Team than ever before, with access to exclusive content and unparalleled experiences.”

This collaboration follows FIFA’s recent announcement (May 2024) opening FIFA Collect to all football clubs and federations. Antonio Lorenzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Modex, expresses his enthusiasm: “We’re delighted to welcome the FRF as the first federation, with many more to follow. This partnership fosters increased fan engagement and exclusive opportunities, shaping the future of Romanian football fandom.”

The FRF leverages this partnership to forge a stronger bond with its supporters by offering exclusive digital content and unique experiences.

Get ready for a new era of football fandom, powered by the magic of NFTs!

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