The Truth (Part II)

14 Oct 2022

Will the truth always Piss you off?
This cannot be the case all the time. Indeed the truth is suppose to set us free and make us happy. But when the truth contradicts our expectations, it will get us disappointed and in reaction, some people show anger, sadness, contempt, others even cry etc. 

The reality is that the truth about any thing or situation brings clarity. In this case I will interpret clarity as freedom. Because with clarity, we know exactly what to expect and we can plan accordingly. 

Yea, the truth will set you free but it might piss you off first if it contradicts your expectation. However, It will bring clarity and in time you will learn to appreciate clarity. As it will guide your decisions and choices. 

It is also possible that people may not also like the truth as they really cannot deal with it but this is a discussion for another day. 

Thank you and drop your comments, let me know what you think.


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